During the summer months in Charlotte, North Carolina, it’s nearly impossible to stay comfortable without a functional air conditioner. That’s why it’s important to maintain your air conditioner regularly. If your AC system is acting up, try these quick fixes to get it up and running again:

Check the Thermostat

Most thermostats have two settings: cool and warm. When your air conditioner is blowing warm air, the first thing to check is that your system is set to the cool function. If it’s set to cool and your AC system still blow warm air, contact a professional to diagnose the problem.

Confirm the Power Source

A central air conditioner relies on electrical power to operate. Before you call an expert to diagnose a system that won’t turn on, make sure it’s connected to the power source. Look at the electrical panel to determine that the switch is set correctly and electricity is flowing.

Swap the Filter

The filter in your HVAC system ensures that the air can flow freely. When the filter clogs with dirt and debris, a blockage in the airflow can restrict movement and result in stagnant, uncomfortable indoor conditions. Make sure to swap out the air filter at least every three months.

Check for Ice

If any of the coils of your air conditioner have ice forming, you might have a serious problem. The result is a cooling system that won’t provide enough cold air to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Try running the fan to see if the air will melt the ice.

When the problem with your air conditioning system isn’t resolved by a quick DIY fix, you need professional help. Don’t try to repair extensive issues yourself to prevent further damage or injury. Contact the team of HVAC experts at Bradham Brothers, Inc. by calling (704) 912-1456.

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