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Providing Charlotte, NC with Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Services since 1975

When an HVAC technician shows up at your door, are you filled with dread? Do you consider HVAC service to be a necessary evil? At Bradham Brothers, Inc., the number one HVAC company in Charlotte, NC, we always take our customers’ concerns into consideration. We’ve been family owned since 1975, and we have developed a strong reputation in our community. As a result, we pay careful attention to:

AC Repair Charlotte, NC
  • Who we hire – Background checks are standard. We would not send anyone to your home we wouldn’t feel comfortable having in ours. Appearance, demeanor, and professionalism are considered when hiring service members. Of course, our team members must be knowledgeable and committed to continuous learning.
  • Quality of service – Having expert employees and modern tools allow us to complete tasks efficiently. We aim to complete all jobs so that we are in and out in good time without inconveniencing our customers.
  • Industry developments – Our relationships with industry organizations and manufacturers enable us to ensure that all employees are kept abreast of emerging trends. By doing so, we can apply the best techniques in air conditioning repair and heating repair services.

We want to be the HVAC contractor you call on whenever you need service in Charlotte, NC. We work hard to build a solid reputation in our community. Our customers should always know that they are in good hands with Bradham Brothers, Inc.

To our maintenance customers:

As the weather warms up, we at Bradham Brothers want to assure you that it is ok to start up your Air Conditioning system prior to maintenance being performed.

We would also like to apologize if you are not able to get an appointment with us as quickly as you would like. We are working very hard to fulfill service agreements as quickly as possible.

We are blessed to have all of our wonderful customers, but you can imagine it’s not possible for us to do them all in one month.

In addition, we have to keep up with the no cooling calls that are coming in. We do have a work-in list that we are working through to try and get seasonal servicing completed earlier for those that have more flexible schedules.

Something to think about: The manufacturer requires that systems be checked for maintenance issues once a year at a minimum or every 6 months. It’s not required that the maintenance be performed before you use your system. If we have serviced your system in the last year, it is more than likely good to go for you use your A/C and keep your house comfortable.

We offer our maintenance agreements to our customers for peace of mind that your system is performing at its top efficiency to keep the lowest possible energy bills.

Bradham Brothers appreciates all of our customers and aims to offer timely, efficient service.

Thank you for your patience and trust,
Pete Bradham
Bradham Brothers Inc.

Proudly Serving Charlotte, NC and its Surrounding Areas

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Solutions You Expect

To be the HVAC contractor of choice, we have to deliver the products and services you expect. We listen to our customers and are pleased to provide heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment and solutions for all seasons:

Air conditioning repair and maintenance services for HVAC systems

Discounts and coupons on systems and services

Installation of heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality products

Information and advice for saving energy and reducing repair costs

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Proud to Serve Our Community of Charlotte and Surrounding Areas

Many of our friends and neighbors rely on our service. We are pleased when they recommend us to others, so we work hard to maintain a stellar reputation.

We want our customers to feel comfortable when our technicians visit their homes. We also want all our customers to feel confident that we will deliver exceptional air conditioning repair and installation services at an affordable price. Thank you for choosing Bradham Brothers, Inc., and we look forward to many more years of outstanding service to our community.

We put our customers’ needs first as we design our offers and services. Bradham Brothers, Inc. is your one-stop shop for all things HVAC in these areas:

  • Charlotte, NC
  • Pineville, NC
  • Huntersville, NC
  • Davidson, NC
  • Denver, NC

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