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5 Things to Consider When Choosing an HVAC Company

October 17, 2019

Are you looking for an HVAC company in Charlotte, North Carolina, to repair or install a new system? If so, you need to consider certain things. Make sure the contractors are licensed and have the required experience to evaluate your home. Also, check any references or referrals to determine if they’re the best company for the job. Here are five things to consider when choosing an HVAC company:

Proper Licenses and Experience

HVAC contractors in North Carolina should have the appropriate license and plenty of experience in their field. Experience alone doesn’t guarantee they’ll do a good job. But if they’ve been around for a while, it’s a sign they’re doing something right.

Home Evaluation

Depending on the type of work you need, the HVAC contractor may perform a home evaluation. The contractor will consider the following:

  • Size of the home.
  • Insulation’s R-value (i.e., how well it resists heat flow).
  • Number of windows the home has and the direction they face.

Once they complete the evaluation, they should provide an estimate. That way, you can compare costs, warranties and energy efficiency with other estimates. As a result, you can get the most value for your hard-earned dollar without compromising quality.

References and Referrals

Ask the company to provide testimonials from other satisfied customers and their contact information. Contact them and ask the following questions:

  • Was the job completed on time and within your budget?
  • Did the company perform clean installations and respect your property?
  • Did they test the system after it installing it?

Rebates and Special Offers

HVAC systems are quite expensive. Therefore, you should check to see if the company has any rebates or special offers.


Efficiency is important. Be sure to buy a system that’s efficient and fits within your budget. In addition, check the Energy Star rating on the system the company is recommending.

Choosing an HVAC contractor based on these factors will ensure you get the best yet affordable contractor to install or repair your HVAC system. And that’s what we offer at Bradham Brothers, Inc. Call us at (704) 912-1456 to find out how our service technicians can help you.

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