Purifying Indoor Air

3 Surprising Sources of Indoor Air Pollution in Charlotte, NC

May 16, 2023

Many residents of Charlotte, NC, understand the importance of keeping indoor air quality (IAQ) at a high level in their homes. But they’re unaware of the less noticeable causes of indoor air pollution. Understanding where they originate and taking steps to reduce them can help you keep your IAQ safe and healthy. Here are three surprising sources of indoor air pollution:


People commonly use pesticides to keep insects and other pests away from their homes and businesses. Unfortunately, these chemicals become airborne when sprayed or applied, leading to a buildup of toxins in the air. Use natural or organic pest control methods to reduce indoor air pollution from these chemicals.

Building Materials and Furnishings

Certain building materials and furnishings can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) over time and affect IAQ. VOCs are especially present in materials such as formaldehyde-containing insulation particleboard and carpets.

The release of fumes, also known as off-gassing, often occurs when new carpets or carpet pads release certain chemicals into the air. These chemical fumes are hazardous to your health and may cause headaches, nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness and asthma.

Pet Dander and Dust Mites

Pet dander and dust mites can cause respiratory illnesses such as asthma or allergies. An anti-allergen vacuum can help reduce the amount of pet dander and dust mite allergens in your home. Keeping pets off your upholstered furniture also lessens pet-related allergies.

Maintaining your indoor air quality at a high level is essential for good health. While outdoor pollution sources are easily recognizable, understanding and avoiding the surprising indoor air pollutants can help to keep you and your household safe. Contact our team at Bradham Brothers, Inc. to help you identify potential toxins in your air and assist with your AC repairs in and around Charlotte, NC.

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