Your HVAC system shouldn’t make a lot of sounds. If you’re noticing abnormal noises in your Charlotte, North Carolina, home, it could signal your system is about to break down. Here are some bad sounds to keep an ear out for and what you should do to stop them:


It’s normal for your HVAC system to click when it turns on and off, so don’t worry if you’re hearing that. You should be alarmed if you hear this sound constantly, though. It’s typically a sign of an electrical problem or a failing thermostat. The longer you wait to repair a problem like this, the more serious the issue can become. As a result, you’ll increase the risk of paying higher repair or even replacement costs.


Banging isn’t a normal sound during any part of your HVAC system’s cycle. In most cases, a loud bang indicates a broken or loose part inside the unit, such as a crankshaft, piston pin or connecting rod. However, it could also signify an unbalanced indoor blower or the need for a new compressor. The only way to know for sure is to have a trusted HVAC service technician diagnose the issue.


If you’re hearing clanking from your unit, the problem may be similar to the issues found with banging. Parts may have come loose, the compressor could be wiggling around, or the blades of the blower could be knocking into other parts.


Buzzing can be faint or loud. Therefore, it’s vital to keep an ear out for this tell-tale sign. Unfortunately, it can signify numerous problems, such as:

  • Loose parts in your system
  • A bad blower or fan motor
  • An abundance of dirt in the unit

If you’re hearing any of these sounds coming from your HVAC system, give Bradham Brothers, Inc. a call today. We provide full HVAC maintenance and repair services to get to the bottom of whatever is plaguing your unit. Schedule your appointment now by calling us at (704) 912-1456.

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