Heat Pump Size Variations

Is Your Heat Pump the Wrong Size in Charlotte, NC?

January 23, 2024

To get the most out of your heat pump this winter, you need to be sure it’s the right size for your home in Charlotte, NC. Here are a few signs that your heat pump is probably not the correct size:

Short-Cycling Heat Pump

If your system’s output capacity matches your home’s size, the heat pump should be able to carry out normal heating cycles without any issues. This means that the pump should turn on, heat your home for a few minutes and then turn off after your house hits the ideal temperature. Once temperatures fall again, this process should restart, and the same should apply if the system is in cooling mode.

However, short-cycling is when your heat pump goes back and forth between turning on and turning off much more quickly than it should. In this way, it’s unable to complete a proper heating cycle. Many things may cause this problem, but a wrong-sized heat pump is a major possibility.

Heat Pump Won’t Turn Off

This problem will arise if your heat pump is too small for your home. It’ll struggle to heat your home and may not turn off at all because it lacks the power to bring your home’s temperature to what you’ve indicated on your thermostat. It needs to stay on to reach that temperature.

Massive Energy Costs

If your heat pump is the wrong size, it’ll probably use more energy to heat your home than it needs to, increasing your heating costs. You may decide to attribute this problem to some kind of malfunction and think repairs are the solution.

You can’t truly feel comfortable in your home in Charlotte, NC, with a wrong-sized heat pump. Call Bradham Brothers, Inc. and ask for our HVAC services, including heat pump installations, repairs, replacements and maintenance.

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