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Are You Damaging Your Indoor Air Quality in Charlotte, NC?

August 16, 2023

In Charlotte, NC, many adults and children suffer from allergies and asthma. Your indoor air quality plays a major role in how well you or other residents can breathe in your home. Here are ways you may be damaging your indoor air quality and ways to improve it:

You Bring It Inside With You

Every time you step foot into your home, germs and allergens come with you. Make sure you have a good doormat, such as one made of coir, to help remove these particles from your shoes. A stiff foot brush can also reduce how many particles you carry inside.

You Don’t Replace Your HVAC Filter Regularly

Ideally, you want to replace your HVAC system’s filter every 30-90 days, depending on the type of filter and whether you have pets, to ensure you enjoy cleaner air. It’s also important to make sure that you’re using the right type of filter so that it removes as many particles as possible. A professional can recommend a filter that will get the job done.

You Have Insufficient Ventilation

Gas stoves emit nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide when you’re cooking. Both of these gases contribute to respiratory problems and pose a safety risk. Talk to a professional to determine if your stove’s exhaust fan adequately protects you.

Most modern bathrooms include exhaust fans, but many people fail to use them because they may be noisy. However, using them after showering or bathing helps to remove moisture from the air and prevent the growth of biological contaminants.

Call us at Bradham Brothers, Inc. today to schedule your annual HVAC maintenance services. Before you know it, you and your family will breathe better while you live and relax in your Charlotte, NC, home. We can also equip you with a state-of-the-art REME HALO Complete Home Air Purification System.

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