AC System Smells Musty

3 Causes of a Musty AC Smell in Charlotte, NC

September 2, 2022

Unusual odors coming from your air conditioner communicate that something is wrong with your system. One of the strange odors you may encounter is a musty smell. Read on to discover why your AC system in your Charlotte, NC, home smells musty.

Blocked Drain Lines

Besides cooling your home, your air conditioner also eliminates excess humidity. This humidity collects in a drain pain within the air conditioner. Drain lines then drain this water to the outdoors.

Dirt and debris may clog these lines, interfering with their ability to drain water. Consequently, biological growth occurs on the drain pan, causing a musty smell. Scheduling AC maintenance helps to unclog blocked drain lines, keeping all your system’s parts operating efficiently.

Oversized AC System

When an AC system is too large for your home, it supplies a blast of cool air and shuts off without completing a cooling cycle. As a result, it doesn’t remove the excess humidity in your living space.

Humidity creates a conducive environment for biological growth to thrive. Consequently, you’ll start noticing a musty smell.

Consider investing in a correctly sized air conditioner. A professional service technician can help you determine the right system by determining your home’s cooling needs.

Leaky Ductwork

Leaky ductwork allows air to enter from your attic. This air may contain biological contaminants.

The contaminants don’t pass through the air filter; hence, they start circulating in your home, causing a musty smell to linger. Biological contaminants may also germinate in your ductwork.

Leaky ducts may also cause your energy bill to shoot up because they allow the conditioned air to escape. Therefore, plan for repair services as soon as possible.

A musty smell can be irritating, especially if you work from home. To eliminate it, contact Bradham Brothers, Inc. for quality HVAC services. We’ll identify the HVAC issue causing the foul odor and fix it to ensure you continue enjoying your indoor stay.

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