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3 Benefits of a New Electrical Panel in Charlotte, NC

January 9, 2023

An electrical panel helps to keep your appliances and electrical systems running. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t consider how important it is until something goes wrong. Here are the benefits of upgrading to a new electrical panel in Charlotte, NC.

Added Home Safety

Malfunctioning or old electrical panels can make you more vulnerable to an electrical fire. This may harm you and destroy your property.

A new panel uses modern technology that ensures increased safety for your electrical system. Consequently, reducing these risks can help you cut down on your homeowner’s insurance rates.

Extra Circuits and Appliances

An electrical panel upgrade allows you to add more circuits, increasing the outlets to support more electronics and appliances. Besides, you can add dedicated circuits for your high-power appliances like air conditioners and heaters. Unlike old service panels, a new one will handle the workload of refrigerators, laundry machines, hot tubs and dryers.

Consistent Power Supply

Often, homeowners encounter inconsistent power, making your circuits overload and circuit breakers trip. Modern electrical devices and appliances can consume more energy than an old panel can handle. As a result, it affects your power consistency.

Your new panel will ensure you have a steady power flow in your home daily. As a result, you reduce the risk of circuit breaker issues or damage to your costly devices.

Signs to Look Out For

It would help to look out for any signs on your electrical panel that necessitate replacement services. Some common signs to consider include noises from your panel outlets and warm electrical panels.

Consider a new service panel if your experience frequent circuit breaker problems, too. In most cases, it signals that your energy demand exceeds what the panel can provide.

We provide quality electrical repairs and replacement services in Charlotte, NC. We also provide comprehensive heating and cooling services. Contact Bradham Brothers, Inc. today for assistance. You can count on us to keep you and your loved ones comfortable for less.

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