Commercial HVAC Impacts Employees

How Commercial HVAC Systems Impact Employees

March 19, 2023

A properly functioning commercial HVAC system can help keep employees productive by establishing ideal temperatures. The following are ways the system could impact employees in Charlotte, NC:


If you’re looking for a way to have a positive effect on your employees’ productivity, HVAC systems can help. Keeping everyone comfortable, alert and energized during the workday is easier when the temperature in your workplace is just right. Not only is it better for your employees, but it could be beneficial for your entire business, including your clients.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends a temperature range of 68-76 degrees as a reasonable compromise that should help keep everyone comfortable and safe. When you make sure that your HVAC system is running smoothly, everyone can do their best work.

Employee Health

A commercial HVAC system affects the indoor air quality (IAQ) in an office. For example, poor IAQ could lead to headaches and allergy issues among employees. When employees aren’t feeling their best, it could result in them taking more sick days and decreasing their level of productivity.

One way to promote better IAQ is to have service technicians come in and check the air filter every few months. They can replace it with a new one and make sure the system is running perfectly.


Systems with many problems and/or ones reaching the end of their lifespan could be noisy and distracting. High-quality commercial HVAC systems have barely noticeable noise levels, allowing everyone to focus better on their tasks.

Commercial HVAC systems can significantly impact employees, ranging from their productivity levels to their health. Regular cleaning by a qualified service technician is the best way to keep your system running efficiently. Contact Bradham Brothers, Inc. if you need a repair or replacement services of your commercial HVAC system.

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