Indoor Air Quality Services & Products for Charlotte and Surrounding Cities

Poor indoor air quality can cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea. Asthma sufferers and persons with respiratory and other illnesses find that their symptoms may seem worse or flare up more frequently at home. The problem could be throughout the entire home or concentrated in just one room or area.

There are different levels of IAQ problems, and some can result in serious health problems in the long term or even prove deadly. It is never a good idea to ignore problems such as spores or odors that make you feel ill. Bear in mind too, that not all IAQ threats can be detected by the senses. If you are not sure where to begin, Bradham Brothers, Inc. in Charlotte, NC is the team you need. We’re proud to serve our community of:

  • Charlotte, NC
  • Pineville, NC
  • Huntersville, NC
  • Davidson, NC
  • Denver, NC

A Breathable Difference

After our technicians provide indoor air quality services, you will easily notice the difference. Your respiratory system will appreciate the improvement too. You deserve to breathe clean, fresh air in your home. You don’t want to live in a house that is slowly ruining your health and even putting your life in jeopardy. You don’t have to make major upgrades or spend a lot of money to see improvements. Simple changes can include:

  • Changing your air filter as recommended
  • Plugging leaks that let contaminated air into your home
  • Cleaning and dusting regularly
  • Limiting or eliminating the use of chemicals
  • Using houseplants
  • Scheduling annual furnace and AC maintenance

Investing in an air purifier will also help to remove contaminants and produce noticeably fresher air. Ventilators specifically remove stale air and return clean air. If humidity is a problem, we carry air humidifiers that help you to manage humidity levels effectively. Indoor air quality is too serious an issue to take anything but a serious approach to managing its impact on your household. Our high-performance air cleaners make it easier for you.

Indoor Air Quality Experts

IAQ threats can make being in your home quite unpleasant. If you’re constantly aware of strange odors and experience worrisome symptoms, it’s time to take action. Bradham Brothers, Inc. has the tools, knowledge, and experience to keep your family safe and to help you enjoy your home again.

Trust the team with the proven solutions. Call Bradham Brothers, Inc. today for more information.